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In the process of trawling through my hard-drives with the intention of filling the Portfolio section of this site up with my design projects, I have come across a series of bits and pieces that are smaller, yet still significant, jobs I have worked on over the years for clients. Many of them are logos or other designs that in themselves are not diverse enough to occupy a space in the main Portfolio, however I still want to show them as examples of what I do.

With this idea in mind, it seems that the best way to go about it is to publish them here in the Blog section of the site.

So here goes; installment number one is a series of logos done for clients in Spain and the UK. I’d love to hear your opinion on any or all of them.

More to follow!

Jake Burdess

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This article by Jake Burdess, an English designer who is now resident in New Zealand, where he lives with his wife and three children. His businesses include Aflua and HEROIC.

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