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Since I gave up smoking (it's only been a week), I have been having some amazing dreams. Last night's installment was one of the most vivid to date. The setting was the UK, where I am at the moment, although with a far more liberal helping of Mediterranean sunshine than…
Jake Burdess


Ever since I was introduced to the world of music, by way of my parents record player, I have been fascinated by recorded sound. That's not to say that live music is dull for me in any way - quite the contrary - I love playing music with friends and…
Jake Burdess

Fresh new site!

Hi, and welcome to the blog section of this new site I'm setting up. Progress on the site itself is a little slower than I anticipated, partly due to having to trawl through more than ten years of design projects, and also largely due to being a father of three.…
Jake Burdess