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Since I gave up smoking (it’s only been a week), I have been having some amazing dreams. Last night’s installment was one of the most vivid to date.

The setting was the UK, where I am at the moment, although with a far more liberal helping of Mediterranean sunshine than you could ever hope to find here, and in the dream I was introduced to a new invention by my parents. It looked like a simple roll of unprinted ticket paper, the kind you would have found in a cinema forty or fifty years ago. This paper was different however, in that if you held a strip of it in a certain way towards an object, person or scene, then wet it, all of a sudden it turned into a strip of old-fashioned photos.

The discovery of this amazing stuff bowled me over, and in the dram I set about taking photos of the strips of images with my iPhone, so I could prepare a blog post in this blog. Of course, as I woke up, I realized to my dismay that it was just a dream and the photo ticket-tape doesn’t really exist.

Although I do not consider myself in any way a professional photographer – I have always been more gripped by moving image – I enjoy taking photos very much, and particularly with the amazing apps that are available for the iPhone.

So, as a second-best to the inspiring images I created in my dream, here’s a selection of photos taken with my telephone, using Camera+ and Instagram, two apps I would recommend to anyone who uses the iPhone to take photos (click on the images to see them at full size).

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