Hello, I'm Jake

Designer, Strategist & Leader

I work remotely for technology companies based literally anywhere in the world.


Seasoned but adaptable

I have more than 25 years of design industry experience, spanning three continents.

Design Leadership

I have a long history of empathetic servant leadership, and helping to build effective and inspired design teams that perform like a well-oiled machine.

Organisational UX

I design flexible, scalable UX strategies that bring the customer to the core of your products and services, fostering user-centricity across your entire business.

Design Systems

I work with your leadership to implement strategy, systems and methodologies that allow your design language to permeate every corner of your organisation.

Remote but present

There are some fantastic benefits to remote work, both for me and for your business.


No more wasting time on the commute or in lengthy meetings in fancy offices: I’m at the office in minutes.


Without the distractions that typically happen in offices, I have space to concentrate on getting results.


Removing distractions and working on my own schedule improves the output and quality of my work.


Working on my own terms means I can balance producing great work with spending time with family.