Jake Burdess


Hi, my name is Jake and I am a designer and founder living in Auckland, in New Zealand.

Digital Designer doesn’t really explain what I do very well though: I was born way back in 1975 and I’ve done a bit of everything over the years, from branding to interior design and even interactive CD-Rom, back when that kind of thing was hip.

I discovered the Internet shortly after graduating from University (where I studied Contemporary Arts) and was immediately hooked. I built my first website in 1997, for the studio I had founded, Room 202 Multimedia.

Two years later I met my wife to be, Silvia, on Menorca in the Spanish Balearics. I moved to Spain in 2000, and lived there until 2012. Our three kids were born on Menorca in 2001 (Asha) and 2004 (Max and Kai).

We have lived in New Zealand since 2012.



A New Zealand user experience design agency, specialising in research-driven interfaces for any digital touchpoint.

More at: heroic.nz


A globalĀ user experience design marketplace, offering UX and UI templates designed by the world’s best practitioners.

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A managed WordPress hosting platform, specialising in robust infrastructure for hosting speedy WordPress sites.

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